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We're a team of digital nomads. Please contact us via email about booking or for more information. 


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We are a couple of Midwest creatives living out of our camper van, determined to build the life we want around our values. We’ve found that those values tend to center around a passion for community. 


Before hitting the open road, we made an Instagram account to document our travels and connect with our new community. We did our research; a lot of it. We applied expert guidelines and became experts ourselves through experience, developing our personal social media strategy and best practices along the way. Our following has grown to nearly 2K in a few months. More importantly, we enjoy daily, meaningful engagement with our community. As we continue to grow our personal and professional networks, our words and images reach so many eyes who are interested in what we have to offer! We connect with thousands of people every day, which has led to friendships and brand partnerships and jobs.


We connected with a company through our newfound social presence who then hired us to manage their social media. Their Instagram account experienced 200% growth in that time, leading us to discover our shared passion for helping small businesses use the same tools to connect with their larger communities. To represent themselves well by communicating authentically. To fully enjoy the benefits of a thoughtful and potent social media presence.


Haley and I crave connection and community, and continue to be personally and professionally fulfilled in chase of them. We would be thrilled to share our expertise to help your business thrive.