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We're a team of digital nomads. Please contact us via email about booking or for more information. 


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photography - copywriting - social media management

Golden pathos


who we are 

​Hi! We’re husband and wife creative team, Haley and Miggy. Golden Pathos is our social media marketing expertise, harnessed for you.


Whether your small business has a budding online presence or hashtags have you flummoxed, we can streamline your brand into a potent, thriving force.


You already resonate with your community; let us manage a successful campaign to help you grow and connect with even more people who need you.


how we can help you

What's storying? Which hashtags do I use? Emojis??

We got you! Let's start with a single session to talk fundamentals. We’d love to hop on a phone call or video chat to get to know your business and why you believe in it. Then we can teach you the proper techniques to represent that brand effectively. We'll answer all your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest questions then you'll be ready to go.


1 hour | $80

Why aren't I getting results from my social media?

We know managing your online presence is time consuming. Let us ensure your hard work doesn't go to waste! Just post like normal; we’ll monitor your presence and coach your activity for one month. Our written feedback will allow you to calibrate your personal strategies and track improvement.

presence audit

1 month | $160

If only I had more time to manage my social media...

Golden Pathos to the rescue! Let us run your account for an entire quarter. You'll get monthly reports and scheduled check-ins. We can even integrate upgrades such as product photography or blog writing. Best of all, you can extend our service to an ongoing partnership if you’re happy with the campaign!


3 months | $1200